Company profile

Termochimica Impianti is focussed in design , manufacture, testing and commissioning of Deaerators for boiler feed water treatment using a proper patented technology “spray & tray” for the reduction of oxygen concentrations to levels below 5 ppb over wide operating ranges (usually 10 to 110%);

Capacity range

at the outlet from 10 to 3000 tons /hour, special models possible.

Available Mechanical & Process Testing

Our Deaerators can be designed, constructed and tested according to any desired standard (Asme Code , Ped Directive , HEI, ..).

Manufacturing Deaerators information

  1. Materials & construction of pressure parts: by external manufactures qualified according to our Quality System, Asme U stamp & ISO 9001 certified as minimum, having past experience in the manufacture of similar equipments. All phases of construction activities are followed under our strict supervision in workshop , according to the Quality Control Plan and Fabrication Programs. In addition, Termochimica has full responsibility for all construction activities, materials & tests supplied by his sub-vendors.
  2. Internals of Towers ( spray valves & trays): directly by Termochimica – Italy , according to our proper patented technology. We furnish these internals to our manufacturer and we assist to the correct insertion and assembly of internals during fabrication. All our Deaerators are delivered with all internals already installed and fixed, ready for start-up in site.
  3. Termochimica Project Managers work closely with Customers, fabricators and Third Party Inspectors to verify that all necessary standards are met.

Capacity range

Mechanical & Process Testing

Manufacturing Dearators information